Welcome to Quaardvark

Welcome to Quaardvark, a tool for creating complex queries that allow you to dig through the underlying database of the Animal Diversity Web to discover ecological and evolutionary patterns in the natural world.

Quick Overview

  • Query and Report takes you to the query tool, where you can search Animal Diversity Web data and create spreadsheet-like reports. You will need to be registered to download data or save work.

  • For an explanation (including short screencasts) of how to set up queries and reports, see “Using Quaardvark”.

  • Here is the PDF version of a poster we recently shared at an NSF Primary Investigators meeting: PI Meeting Poster

Educators and Researchers

  • To see how other educators have used Quaardvark, take a look at the set of Sample Activities.

  • To explore the query tool without registering, select Query and Report. You will not be able to download data or save queries with this option, but you can access all search features and view reports within your browser.

  • To save queries and download data, register for SAMPLE 999.

  • To inquire about using Quaardvark in one of your courses, contact adw_quaardvark_help @ umich.edu.


  • If you’re a student in a participating course, you must register as a member of the site. Don’t forget to select the course that you’re enrolled in, so your instructor will see your work!