Apodiformeshummingbirds and swifts(Also: swifts and hummingbirds)

    • broad-billed hummingbird
      Cynanthus latirostris
    • black swift
      Cypseloides niger
    • African palm swift
      Cypsiurus parvus
    • green thorntail
      Discosura conversii
    • green thorntail
      Discosura conversii
    • green-fronted lancebill
      Doryfera ludovicae
    • sword-billed hummingbird
      Ensifera ensifera
    • white-tipped sicklebill
      Eutoxeres aquila
    • white-necked jacobin
      Florisuga mellivora
    • green-crowned brilliant
      Heliodoxa jacula
    • whiskered treeswift
      Hemiprocne comata
    • crested treeswift
      Hemiprocne coronata
    • white-throated needletail
      Hirundapus caudacutus
    • white-throated mountain-gem
      Lampornis castaneoventris
    • black-crested coquette
      Lophornis helenae